Course Structure

1. About Dj

What is Dj

Introduction About Dj Industry

2. Introduction of Dj Equipments

University Name

Dj Players

Dj mixer

Dj Controller

3. Music Genres

Introduction of Music Genres

4. Types of Cables & Connections

University Name

Many types of Cables using Dj Players

Different types of Input & Output Conectors

5. Cueing

Track Cueing

Different types of Cueing

6. Gain Controlling

University Name

Input Gain Controlling

Output Gain Controlling

7. Fadering & Equlization

Audio Track Switching

Audio Equlization

Cross Fadering

8. BPM & Loop Formation

University Name

Find BPM

Creating Loop Formation

9. Beat Matching

Beat Matching

Hot Cue

Bar Pattern Mixing


10. Event Visit

University Name

Live Event Visiting

Real Time Training

Our Studio