Course Structure

1. Introduction of Music

Types of Music

Music in TV, Radio & Films

2. Overview of Live & Electronics Music

University Name

Types of Live Acoustical Music

Types of Electronics Music

Types of Digital MIDI Music

3. Types of Musical Instruments

Overview of Acoustical Instruments

Overview of Electronic Musical Instruments

Overview of Digital & MIDI Instruments

4. Types of Cables & Connectors

University Name

Many types of Cables using for Audio

Many types of Analog & Digital Connectors

Different types of Input & Output Conversion

5. Audio Interfaces

Different types of USB Audio Interface

Different types of Firewire, Thunderbolt & PCI Audio Interface

Many types of Analog Digital Convertor & gears

6. MIDI Interfaces

University Name

MIDI Keyboard

MIDI Drum Machine

DAW Controller

7. Overview of VST-Instruments

Keyboard VST-Instrument

Piano VST-Instrument

Guitar VST-Instrument

Drum VST-Instrument

Bass VST-Instrument

Music Effect VST-Instrument

8. Types of Sound Bank & Library

University Name

Different types of Audio Format

Different types of Library Extension

9. Digital Audio Workstation (Logic Pro X)

Creat a Session

Creat Audio & Instruments Tracks

Input & Output Assigning

Audio Recording for Reference

MIDI Controller Assigning

Work with Tempo (Matronome)

MIDI Recording & Quantizing

Music Creating & Arranging

Re-Mixing Techniques

10. Audio Finishing & Mixing

University Name

Overview of Chanel Strips in DAW

EQ & Dynamic Processing

Advance Bus Routing

Audio Mixing

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