Course Structure

1. Introduction of Sound Engineering

History of Sound

Sound Engineering Overview

Sound in Film, Television & Radio

2. Studio Acoustics Overview

University Name

Overview of Acoustics

Types of Acoustics Materials

Uses of Acoustics Materials

3. Types of Cable and Connectors

Many types of Cables using for Audio

Many types of Analog & Digital Connectors

Different types of Input & Output Conversion

4. Microphone Techniques

University Name

Microphone History

Microphone Basic Electronics

Types of Microphones

Microphone Placements Techniques

5. Audio Interfaces

Different types of USB Audio Interface

Different types of Firewire, Thunderbolt & PCI Audio Interface

Many types of Analog Digital Convertor & gears

6. Analog & Digital Conversion

University Name

AD-DA Convertors

DA-AD Convertors

Sample Rate Conversion

Bit rate Overview

7. Mixing Consoles

Types of Mixing Consoles

Uses of Mixing Consoles

Chanel Strips Overview

Inputs & Outputs in Mixing Consoles

Aux, Buses & Matrix Inputs & Outputs

Audio Level & Gain Controlling

8. Recorders Overview

University Name

Different types of Recorder

Types of Analog Recording Devices

Types of Digital Recording Devices

9. Speaker Types & Techniques

Speakers History

Speakers Basic Electronics

Types of Speakers

Speakers Placements Techniques

Types of Monitors

Monitor Placement

10. Input & Output Gears

University Name

Microphone Pre Amplifiers

Dynamic Processor


Reverb & Delay Units

Summing Mixers

11. MIDI Interfaces

MIDI Keyboard

MIDI Drum Machine

DAW Controller

12. Digital Audio Workstation

University Name

Overview of Digital Workstation

Protools Shortcuts & Key Commands

Protools Bsics

Protools Advance Level

Protools Expert Level

13. Audio Recording

Recording Audio In Protools

Recording Live Instruments In Protools

Recording MIDI or Instruments In Protools

14. Audio Editing

University Name

Various Types of Audio Editing

Crossfading, Gain Controlling, Cut-Paste & Many More

15. Work with Video

Create Video Track

Import Video in Protools

Video Sync with Time Code

Dialogue Recording (ADR)

16. Digital Signal Processing

University Name

Types of Signal Processors

Types of Plugins

Inbuilt Plugins & Processing

17. Bus Routing

Creating AUX Tracks

Advance Bus Routing

18. Audio Mixing

University Name

Various Types of Audio Mixing

Various Types of MIDI & Instruments Mixing